Born and raised on the 25th side road of Innisfil, I have had over 20 years experience fishing Lake Simcoe. I have had a great success rate with the photos to prove it, specializing in lake trout and white fish. Lake Simcoe is one of the best lakes in North America to fish, inhabiting a huge assortment of species, and I am fortunate to have this as my home.

Whether its bouncing Jigs or using tips ups, I have the art down, and I want to pass on this amazing experience and information to you.

Along with the rental of the hut, you will receive the full fishing experience. Tip ups and spreaders are available for sale at a reasonable price.

I will personally meet you at our Guest Rd beach and transport you out and pick up….so all you need to do is hook your line and settle in for a successful day.

Payment Options

Sorry for the inconvenience but we do not accept credit or debit.

Cash only at time of pick up or earlier.

Nearby Accommodations

There are a number of nearby locations. Holiday Inn, Travel Lodge, Comfort Inn are all great hotels but there are many available.

Click here to view accommodation options in the area.

What to Bring

  • Must have a valid fishing license
  • Warm clothes
  • Fishing gear
  • Spreaders and tip ups available for sale etc.